Bean to Bar Bootcamp 2023

Bean to Bar Bootcamp

Happening October 24th through October 26th 2023 in Coimbatore, India 

Register by September 15th and get a free melanger. Space is limited.

International “Bean to Bar” Hands-on workshop in India is back.

Are you planning to start a Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate business or grow and improve on your current business? Are you a chef, pastry chef, or chocolatier who sees growing options for craft chocolate being offered within the culinary arts? Are you simply a person that loves to understand how your food is made or just love chocolate? We’ve got you covered.

CocoaTown’s intensive three-day, hands-on Bean to Bar workshop will cover: Cocoa bean fermentation, drying & other post-harvest processes | Preparing beans for chocolate | varieties, quality control & sorting | Roasting | Cracking | Winnowing | Grinding | Tempering | Making bars and other variations | Packaging | Business plan | Marketing | Networking & learning from experts and international participants and more. 

We are excited to be teaming up with Mayari Castellanos and CocoaTown to bring intensive three-day, hands-on Bean to Bar Bootcamp to India. We will cover all aspects of making chocolate starting from selecting, sorting, and roasting cocoa beans to making finished products, packaging, important business processes and much more.

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